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Keep those bill collectors at bay

Our law offices want to keep you protected and make sure that the laws are working in your favor.


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Protection against collectors

You don’t want to be harassed in the middle of the night by collectors who are trying to collect on a debt that you owe them – and you don’t have to be. Debt collectors are supposed to follow certain guidelines and regulations. We’ll make sure that these regulations are enforced and stop the over-the-top collections methods.

According to the Fair Debt Collection Act, you have the right to be protected from harassment and deception from collectors.

Consumer Protection Representation

It is unlawful for any business to use deception or unfairness to take advantage of a consumer. This includes fraudulent car dealers and most breach of contract cases.

In most cases, attorney fees can be recovered from the offending business.

For help with any consumer law or action, call today.


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